Adidas is the international fashion brand, which has been busy in selling the sports goods for last 90 years. It has been the official sponsor of World Cup since 1970. This fashion brand for sports is working in different countries and preparing its products, in which its latest unique product, F-50 soccer show got worldwide fame. Various leading and famous players of the world used this shoe in their matches. Adidas prepared the special version of its shoe for Argentinean player, Lionel Messi and he was declared the player of the FIFA World Cup for year 2009. In the FIFA Soccer world cup 2010, 32 teams participated in which Adidas sponsored 12 teams.

Goal of Brand

The fashion brand of sports, Adidas sponsored various team in the international event of FIFA world cup, so it solidified the perception of its Brazilian consumers and the users around the world as leading and popular sports brand. It gained wonderful appreciation over the launching of its unique and wonderful F-50 soccer shoes with its sponsored players. Adidas is the official partner and sponsor of FIFA and it needs some striking formats to get the connection and attention of great number of targeted audience. It also started its unique and wonderful formats through Microsoft advertising to achieve its goals.

Play for Brand Equity in World Cup

Adidas is the leading and popular sports brand, which tries its luck in the most prestigious trophy of the popular game, soccer across the world. As football is played around the world and almost all of the countries have their teams and they send their teams in the qualifying round of FIFA Soccer World cup. Huge number of teams and their players use sports shoes of this leading and most popular sports brand. In all of the leading sports events, these shoes are used and the sponsorship of this sport brand in the international event uses the massive platform to get the attention of millions of audiences. As this sports brand has to compete with other competitors in the field, so it gives its attention over the quality of its products and also tries to upgrade the sports goods.

International Exposure of Products of Brand

With the international exposure of the products of this sports brand, the sales of the products rises to 14.8 bn Euros and this is 2% better than the sale of previous year. This sports brand is at the second position and it has also introduced another sports brand, Reebok, which is at the 8 position and it is also popular sports brand of the world. As the sports activities are continued, the consistent sponsorship of different teams, and players, gives raise this sports brand and make it popular among the players. The sports shoes for soccer are getting popular after previous world cup and sale of the shoes has significantly risen because of the quality of the shoes. The sports personalities and other leading businessmen are making contact with the sports brand to improve their business and use their shoes in the most prestigious sports events.