Gucci is the most famous brand across the globe, and has customers that offers an edge over its rival firms in the industry of handbags. The company thinks its customers see Gucci products as of unique, traditional, and good quality.

Current Brand Equity

Firms, such as Gucci and similar businesses made significant efforts to establish their brand equity because of its vital business line. Here, the idea is distinctiveness and uniqueness as these firms work in a niche market. Additionally, Gucci drives higher prices and the amount of outlets. Gucci’s brand equity set up is of an exclusive and luxurious brand only some people can afford Gucci products.

1. High Quality

Current brand equity of Gucci is relied on their unique, tradition, and high-quality design. However, Gucci has included a new dimension by their current strategy of social media. The quality of a brand is recognized being an Italian brand, the uppermost possible within its industry. With a matchless sense of style and design made in Italy has been dictating the industry for several years.    

2. Uniqueness

Gucci is a renowned brand across the world for its unique blend of fashion authority and luxury heritage and impeccable craftsmanship of Italy. Gucci uniqueness is in its Italian style, and has identical with desirability, sophistication and elegance.   

Gucci Strategies of Brand Equity?

In customers’ mind, Gucci appears to be seen as the most unique and best out of all Italian brands. Gucci is the only brand that draws inspiration from the equestrian world, by promoting Tuscan artisanship and an active strategy of social media. In current times, subsequent to its vertical increase to the topmost luxury world, the company has been making efforts to stay associated with its consumers and not be viewed as strictly unreachable and high class for the average persons. By using its down-to-earth attitude, uniqueness, and quality, Gucci wants to be considered as the high-quality luxury brand that all desire to be a part of the brand.

1. Differentiation

In the minds of customers, Gucci differentiates its brand by its good quality offering, which stay true to equestrian roots and core value of Gucci.

2. Resonance

The company is able to attain resonance by formulating a strong community sense, promoted by a want to be a part of social elites. Gucci’s choose high pricing points and distribution channels drive the brand exclusivity, as well as its following. The company has effectively created a community belongingness by introducing the Gucci museum.

3. Feelings

Gucci marketers also targeted people feelings, such as social approvals, self-respect and excitement are widespread in brand of Gucci. Most of the people see wealth and sexiness to be interrelated, advocating sense of excitement in being a part of the high-class.


Gucci has rapidly increased and maintained its brand equity in a fickle and competitive industry. The company has attained a strong brand equity by steadily embedding their major brand values in all categories of products, which include sunglasses and perfume to ready-to-wear, handbags, jewelry and accessories.