Facebook is the most powerful social media website, which is providing entertainment to its clients. Various businessmen and corporate sector people use their medium to develop their businesses. The use of social media service assures consistent brand messaging, avoid social media blunders, and the users can also measure the success of their business. The business owners use this powerful social media for consistent source of traffic, sales and sport for branding of their companies and products.

The main objective for the use of facebook, is to increase their sales, course following and branding of their products. Various fashion brand and other business owners create their fan page and they upload complete collection or products there for their clients to approach there and check the wide range of products. The clients can approach to the facebook fan page of the concerned business, company or firm and they check the vast collection of their products and also check their rates, as they are also given there with the products. The clients can compare the quality and rates of their products with other companies and brands, which can help them in comparing these products and make final decision to buy these products.

Facebook SWOT Analysis

Facebook Strength

• Facebook is powerful social media website, which has billions of clients, which are regular member of this social media site.

• Facebook is not only used for chatting and sharing the videos, photos with others but also uses for the promotion of the products of the companies, which are uploading them for the growth of their business.

• Facebook has over 800 million active users around the world and it has over 3000 employees, who are running this website and they manage to get these products and services.

• Facebook is the biggest brand name in social media and it is considered the most powerful social media tool, which is provided in more than 70 languages across the world.

• Facebook has various well known games and apps and most of the clients use them to play.

Facebook Weaknesses

• There are different unnecessary changes are made in the interface and it can create different difficulties for its users.

• Facebook is unable to hack and fake accounts.

• Facebook is not able to check the accounts of its professional users.

• Facebook is social media website and it has no physical appearance in the market.

Facebook Opportunities

• Facebook interface should be made attractive and it can also get the attention of its clients.

• Facebook should encourage the business and corporate sector people to use this social media site for the development of their business.

• All such businesses, which are present online, they can get help with the use of this social media site. It can help to give business opportunities in the emerging markets across the world.

• Various business operators can display their products online on this social media site.

• The clients can also increase the friend requests, so that they can enhance the display of their products and it can also help the people of corporate sector to get more and more customer base through this social media site for the exposure of their products and services.

Facebook Threats

• There are various other social media websites, which are also improving their products and they can be strong competitors.

• Various social media networking sites are also appearing and they can be possible threat for the company.

• People can create their face accounts and there is no check and balance over their accounts and activities, so it can affect the credibility of this social media website.

Marketing Objectives

As the facebook has huge number of users, which are now in billion, most of the users and the business owners want to use facebook as marketing tool for their products and services. They can give ads with the detail of their products and the detail of the price of their products and services, so it can help in developing their markets for their products. Facebook gives ample opportunity to the users to come and use its facebook fan page for the promotion and introduction of their products.

Market Segmentation

The market segmentation is more important part of facebook marketing and the users should divide its users in different segments and try to understand their needs. They have to make some quick modifications in the policy and strategy to get more audience. When you post your ad on the face book, people will try to check it and they will visit the site, where your ad is present. The users should optimize their ads and they can divide their audience in different segments.

Target Market

In the target market, the users can approach to such people, which they need to get through the facebook marketing. Such strategy can be effective for the people, who make the advertising more effective. The users should reach such people, who take interest in their products and they can offer their services or products to their desired users or buyers.

Product Differentiation and Positioning

As billion of people use facebook and they look for different ads along with chatting with their friends, they need to show the ads of their products there. They should check the perfect day and time of the week, when there is great rush on the facebook and huge number of people presents there to watch the ads. They will be attentive to its products and services and in this way, good market product differentiation and positioning can be made.

Marketing Mix


he users can place their ads on the facebook marketing page and they can also develop their facebook customized page tab or apps, which is great option for the facebook users. They can provide more details with the events, contest, deals or opt-in forms, which can help the users to get more likes and fans over their ads.


The users can give the detail of their products or services, which they share through their facebook marketing to its clients. In the details, they can give the reasonable price of the products and the services to their desired clients. They should add the actual cost, the marketing charges and all allied charges , which can commensurate with the original cost of the products or services, which are being advertised on the facebook marketing page.


In the facebook marketing, the result of different ads is varied and they show the result of the ads differently on the base of day of the week. The users need to know the exact days and times of the ads in the facebook marketing. They should upload ads on different days and at different times of the day, so that they can know the exact date and time, on which there is huge traffic on the facebook and it will get good result from the expected audience.

Marketing Strategy

Facebook helps the clients to show their products, items or services to their expected clients. They need to prepare complete detail of the products and introduce them to their desired clients. It is big platform for the advertisement of the products and various business owners can use it for the advertisement of their products and services to most of its users.

Return of Investment

The users can get the advantage of this powerful social media site for the publicity of their products and services. They do not need to have heavy investment over it and they simply show the price of their products and services. The business owners and the corporate people can get good return over their investment on their products and services.