JP Morgan is the leading and well known financial service providing company and it started its business in about 1892. The founder of the company was the financer and banker of US and he started investment in the corporate and industrial sector earn money and give financial assistance to people. Now this company is busy in providing the investments, securities and retails to the clients and it also helps the financial institutions, corporate sector and people to get financial assistance to develop their business.

This American based multinational banking corporation is providing help to such enterprises and people, who seek their financial assistance and gives advice to them in their business and it targets the individual investors and large enterprises. The company is well known for the maintenance of their good relationships with their clients. It is also included in the biggest bank is the US, which is well known for its assets, sales, market value and profits. The bank is mostly working in USA and it does not spread its business in other countries effectively, which can help the bank to enhance its business capacity. Although this company has over 250,000 employees around the world yet its main focus is US market.

JP Morgan SWOT Analysis

JP Morgan Strength

• JP Morgan has strong brand identity and its financial position is also very sound.

• The company has maintained its offices in different countries of the world and the number of employees exceeds to 250,000 across the globe.

• The company has extensive retail network and it offers financial assistance to its clients across the world.

• In the B2B segment, the company has good brand visibility.

• JP Morgan is the largest bank in US and it offers its services in assets, sales, profits and market values.

JP Morgan Weaknesses

• JP Morgan is mostly working in US and it can cause huge damage to this company.

• When the company competes with other financial service providers in the market and it has to face problems in its financial services.

• Due to fluctuation market result, the company is unable to meet with the financial matters.

JP Morgan Opportunities

• The company should tap the emerging economies across the world to expand their business.

• The diversification portfolios of the company help it to maintain the financial needs of their clients and solve their financial problems.

•  The company needs to start their commercial banking and JVs to enhance their customer base.

• The clients are asked to invest in the company and they can get good profit over their investment in this company.

JP Morgan Threats

• Due to change in rules and regulation from the government in the financial matters, the company faces the financial crisis.

• Various local companies are working at the local level to settle the financial matters and they can affect the business of the company.

• The rules and regulations of different companies are varied in terms of settling the financial matter, so the company feels threat in dealing with financial matters with its clients.

• The mortgage market can affect the business of this company and it remains unstable for most of the time.

Marketing Objectives

The basic objective of the JP Morgan Company is to provide financial assistance to its clients and give them advices in different business segments. The people, who start their business, they can see help from this bank and they can start their working confidently in the business, corporate or industrial sector. With the provision of latest information and latest development and research work in the concerned field, this department is working with the people to grow their business and enhance their capitals.

Marketing Segmentation

The company provides its financial assistance to different segments like business, corporate sector and in the industrial sector. The people, who want to initiate their business or work, they can get advice over their working and seek financial help. The people should know the basic requirement of their field so that they can make good preparation for their business and they can start their working effectively.

Target marketing

JP Morgan starts its function for provision of financial assistance to the people in corporate and business sector and it solve the issues of the respective field or gives advices to the entrepreneur so that they can work smoothly and get the advantage in the relevant field. The company needs to start its working in the emerging economies so that they can earn more revenue through their banking and financial activities.

Product Differentiation & Positioning

JP Morgan Company has provided many products and services for their clients and their clients should select the best one for their business. This company is the market leader in financial and banking matters. This company helps the non-profit organizations and the corporate like ‘New skills at work’, which can help them in learning more skills so that they can perform well in their career in their professional life. 

Marketing Mix


JP Morgan is doing most of its business in America but it has set up some business in other developed countries. The bank established its branches in different cities for the quick and easy help and financial assistance to its clients, which are spreading throughout country. The bank is now looking for the new and emerging economies to enhance its banking capability and starts its business to earn more revenue from there.


JP Morgan offers its services and financial assistance to its clients for the stipulated period at the fixed interest rate. The company helps the clients to start their business and they can get benefit from their working and business activities. The company is carrying out its business in different segments of business and industrial work coping with their demands and meets their essential requirements. 


JP Morgan gets advertised its services and financial assistance and banking services through their ads, which are appeared in the newspapers and on the electronic media. Now the company has maintained its own website, where complete information of their services are given to the clients so that they can check them and select the best one for them.

Marketing Strategy

JP Morgan is the financial institution, which is providing financial assistance to its clients and it provides all necessary advices to its clients, so that they can develop their business in the business and corporate sector. The company is giving attention on its advertising policy in order to give boost to its business and make its corporate sector strong. The company is going to focus on its marketing strategy and extend its financial services to the people living in other countries so that they customer base develop.

Return on Investment

JP Morgan invests amount on the business and corporate hubs and it gives attention over its clients, so that their financial position can develop. The company has many professionals, who have much experience in the business sector and they give advice to the people on different aspects of the business. The company earns profit when it gets back its revenue from the people.