KLM is the flag carrier airline of Netherlands and it has headquarters in Amsterdam. This airline is the part of Air France KLM group and it is considered the oldest airline of the world. The airline is providing its services to its scheduled passengers and cargo services and it is carrying out flight operations at about 130 international destinations. The airline is providing facilities to its passengers in business class, economy comfort and economy class. The airline has maintained its frequent flyer program, which is called the flying blue and it is considered the safest airline and has done the code share agreements.

KLM has maintained its good reputation among its clients and its KLM AirCares helps the travelers during the journey and they can send their minor children under their program under some conditions. The airline has over 210 aircrafts and this vast fleet of aircrafts can help to operate its flights on various domestic and international destinations. The airline is included in the top air lines of the world, which provides flights to all major destinations of all continents. The quality of service is exemplary and it provides services and facilities to the passenger on the ground and in the air.

KLM Airlines SWOT Analysis

KLM Airlines Strengths

• This airline has good reputation among its clients.

• The airline signs the code sharing agreements with other airlines including Sky team and enhances its access to various other international destinations.

• KLM offers its unique offer of KLM AirCares for the passengers, who can send their minor children to the persons, whose names are registered in the documents.

• KLM has about 210 aircrafts, which are busy in operations at different international destinations.

• This airline has maintained quality service to its clients in the air and on the ground and it has enhanced its popularity among its clients.

KLM Airlines Weaknesses

• The staff of the airline feels insecure in terms of their job and they lose their job after some time and the staff faces some concern over their jobs.

• The tremendous voting rights of the Dutch government can raise the operational insufficiency among its clients.

KLM Airlines Opportunities

• The airline can get some opportunities in LCC segment.

• The airline is going to buy new airbus and Boeing for their passengers and it will also reduce the cost of seat to its passengers.

• The airline should start the online service for its passengers to get booked their seats and information should be given through its website.

• The airline should update the status of the flights online and provides the current flight position of the airline to its clients regarding domestic and international destinations.

• The airline should start its flights on the new international destinations and check the number of passengers travel to there.

KLM Airlines Threats

• There is some consistent changes in the environment and it can lead to impose higher taxes on the passengers.

• The airline should give attention on the charter of the aircraft, which is common in US and it can help to maintain their business.

• The government has accorded the bailout charges to its competitors and this interference can create problems for the airline.

• The competitors of the airline are in sound position and they need to maintain their business and reputation.

Marketing Objectives

KLM provides the latest facilities to its passengers and it operates its flights to all major international destinations. The airline wants to extend its services on different new international destinations and cope with the demand of its travelers. The airline is going to buy new Boeing and airbus so that they can provide safe and sound journey to its passengers in the emerging economies of the world.

Marketing Segmentation

KLM starts its journey on different international routes and provides the facility of business class, economy comfort and economy class to all its upper class, middle and upper middle class passengers. The airline has segmented the passengers, who travel for their business and corporate activities or spend the vacations there. The facilities and convenience is their top priority to the passengers, so that they can get enjoyment during their travel.

Target marketing

The airline is providing the traveling facilities to its passengers and it is now looking for new international routes and destinations. The airline is looking for the number of passengers on any destinations then they will start their flights on the new routes. The emerging economies are not getting better both financially and economically and the passengers travel to such places often, which can show their business activities and the airline needs to start its new flights on such routes.

Product Differentiation & Positioning

KLM is providing facilities and convenience to its passengers and they need to look for the new destinations. The airline is providing the facility of booking of tickets and registration of their flights. The passengers can get their seat booked through their online booking of the seats. The airline is leading in the airline industry and it is providing latest facilities to its passengers and regulates its flights at the fixed date and time to ensure timely reach of their flights at any destination.

Marketing Mix


The airline starts its flights on all international destinations and the passengers can get booked their tickets on the said destination and they can reach there in short time. The passengers need to get booked their tickets from their offices or through online and they can get their flight at time, as this airline operates its flights regularly. They can get information of any flight before getting booked their seats.


KLM provides sophisticated facilities to its passengers and they provide the tickets of concerned class to the passengers. The airline gives the detail of the tickets and its fare on the relevant destination, then they can get tickets from their registration offices. The airline offers very reasonable rates for their tickets to its passengers, so that they can reach there with cheap flight tickets.


KLM has maintained its fair policy of tickets and luggage and it get advertised its flights and airline, so that the passengers can get information about the airline and its operations. For further promotion and convenience to its passengers, the airline has maintained its website regularly, so that they can get latest information about the airline and its flights on the international destinations.

Marketing Strategy

KLM is the leading airline of the world, which has been working in the airline industry for many decades. The airline has maintained its marketing strategy to provide new flights on the new destinations and it can earn good revenue on its new flights. The company wants to extend its operation especially on the new routes of emerging countries, as there is large number of passengers, who travel to different destination for their business and corporate requirements.

Return on Investment

KLM provides latest facilities to their clients on different routes and destinations. The airline spends amount on its airline and starts new flights on various destinations, which can help them in getting more investment over their flights operations. The company charges from its clients, which is comparatively less than other airline, but there is good margin of profit on the new routes.