GUCCI was launched in 1906 in Florence by Guccio Gucci. It was and still known for its exclusive Italian craftsman ship. It now has 425 stores worldwide and many franchisees & high-end department stores that carry its brands. It is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. Over the span of 90 years, Gucci has made a mark in the fashion world, with its innovative and classy designs, a heritage of exclusivity, attention to quality standards and flawless craftsmanship.


Gucci brand has been associated with quality and style with a class. The brand was catered for the middle class, upper middle class and the wealthy segment of the society. One can be sure about the equality of their products. Gucci initially was into the leather fashion accessories but later drifted to high class dresses for women, men’s apparel, accessories including handbags and wallets for men and women and also shoes and then later on watches. It also includes babywear in its product portfolio which is comfortable and fashionable. Gucci’s signature Eyewear is very catchy and its perfumes heavenly. It also has a wide range of home products that includes bedding, furniture and wallpaper. It also has sparkling jewelry that can make any woman drool for. All in all it has everything one needs under one brand. Gucci serves all its exclusive products with the help of well-trained professional salespersons and that to in a very attractive packaging.

Marketing Strategy

Their basic marketing strategy is the placement of their stores, which are in the most expensive areas of London, Paris, New York, Rome and Tokyo. 70% of the company’s sales are from these areas. By having outlets in these areas they have created a niche that their brands is high end.

Their outlets are visually very appealing with high class and most expensive interior and exterior. This is the most important marketing strategy for brands because consumers buy their stuff very easily if the outlet is very beautifully constructed.

Their pricing policy is maintained they keep high prices of their finished goods, with a made in Italy trademark. High prices are a sign of using the finest materials and products and which are catered for the upper classes of society. The brand name is associated with an image of high quality and the prestigious pricing makes the product a status symbol.

They offer discount and sales for the promotion of their brand and products which increases customer demand.

They invest heavily in advertisements of their products to attract more customers.

They initiate awareness about their products that the materials used is of the most premium quality which develops a feeling of trust amongst the customers.

The brand has a lot of experience as it is the market since 90 years so people have attached a loyalty with the brand.