Adidas is a well-known famous company which produces sport and shoes of high quality including sports apparel. The company is Germany based, and name of the firm is inspired from founder name Adolf Dassler. He started manufacturing shoes along with his brother Rudolf Dassler and allowed the world to recognize company with three stripes in parallel shape. The well-recognized company faced many economic challenges but still survived so find out external factors affecting Adidas.


Political stability is essential for every company and especially for Adidas which faced many risks and civil unrest and tremendous changes in trade policies. Adidas does focus on political factors including war, terrorism, expropriation, and nationalization.These factors do lead to significant loss of money as well as time. This will delay product delivery and shipment.It is true that every country does not follow same tax system and this creates more complex issues.This allows them to take advantage of labor salary and few countries provide very low labor wages.


Adidas has faced many economic downturns till 2005.The economic factors like per capita income, inflation, unemployment, and inflation and taxation effects on the profit or generated revenue of company. Stock market will face instability only if the interest rate fluctuates or growth rate is affected.

These factors do affect the potential customers and decreases purchasing power as well as firm capital cost.


Adidas mainly follows designing regarding fashion or creates distinctive design. Products are best to use for any age, raise, lifestyle, and religion. It mainly focuses on people who are athletic and love sports. The social factors do have effect on the innovation and buying habits of every person. Factors need to be adequately discussed and help to implement a strategy for an Islamic TV a proper and complete outfit would be recommended.


In any leading firm, technological factors are essential. Adidas does own unique technologies which distinguish it from other companies. It will not only put other companies into as competitors but also boosts company production along with quality by saving time, effort and energy. Adidas not uses technological factors in production but also produces products like smart balls. Moreover, online store for additional purchasing experience.


According to Adidas all of the factories or manufacturing units do not produce any restricted products. This helps to reduce volatile and various organic compounds emissions. The main aim of the company is to encourage these of sustainable products which will increase its quality and provides maximum functionality.


The big sports company Adidas must need to be well aware of all legal proceedings. The legal acts include trade Description Act, sale, and supply of products, press complaint, advertising standards authority and television commission. Adidas must be aware of export, import, sales, and names of products and selection of commercials. Anything must not be plagiarized or copied from any trademark company. Otherwise, a legal action would be taken immediately.


Adidas Company will be able to set more clear statements and mission. This will provide company and ability to take advantage of significant barriers. This will expand business.