Strategic thinking helps one to assess things in a particular manner. This strategy distinguishes an individual from another and thus helps in seeking mental and physical capability of an individual. When we talk about strategic thinking, we are more focused on how we think about a particular process. Strategic thinkers will tune in and comprehend what is said and will read and watch whatever they can so they will have extremely accommodating and key data to guide them. This helps them to make important decisions in life with thorough evaluation of processes. Not only are they committed to their life, but they are lifelong learners who are always eager to learn from each of their experiences in life. The moral that they have learned from life enables them to think better in future and not repeat mistakes.

• Strategic Thinking enables one to use most of the brain

We all know that the brain consists of two portions; the left side of the brain helps you make logical decisions. On the other hand, the right side of the brain enables you to be creative. Using both parts of the brain at the same time is not very general these days. This skill needs a lot of practice as well as confidence and once you get to know that the brain is being utilized, this skill set can prove to be extremely beneficial. When you start thinking strategically, you start deducing your procedures with logical reasoning that compliments your creativity at the same time.

• Elements of Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking starts with identifying the goals, vision and mission. The internal capacity allows the person to identify the strengths and weaknesses and then develop the strategies accordingly. The external threats and opportunities also play key role in directing the decision and action taking process.

• Flexibility with wisdom and importance of critical thinking

When you like to think in a critical way, you develop the ability to design flexibility into your plans. This happens as you start incorporating benchmarks in your thinking for better results. These benchmarks also help you get recognized as an individual and know how far one can go given the opportunity is in hand. Strategic thinkers also have a vital skill to be proactive and they always anticipate change. The best part of strategic thinkers is that since they are flexible as they can adapt to different situations easily. They can listen to people and learn from their experiences as well.

• Decision making ability and thinking process

The key element that is used for strategic thinking is brainstorming. This means that they tend to review before starting a project. Once the goals and procedures are set, they start evaluating what can be done efficiently and how they can start it. They remain non-judgmental and never abuse anyone for their thinking approach. This is the most powerful thing one can utilize to empower the thinking approach.

• Importance of Strategic thinking in Professional life

Google Inc, Microsoft and other renowned industries have started this approach to hire employees in the organization with best strategic approach. They take tests that include intellectual questions and strategic approach to judge candidates and later interview sessions are held with the short listed candidates for recruitment. This is necessary for them as they want strategies to improve their business procedures.