Emirate airline is owned by Emirate government and it operates domestic and international flights on huge number of international destinations. All passengers, who prefer comfort and reliability, they should choose Emirates Airline, which targets the middle, upper middle and corporate classes.


• It is official airline of Emirates government.

• It has great advantage of being present in the Oil rich Gulf States, and Dubai is the main corporate hub of the world.

• Various headquarters of the multinational companies, departments, corporate are doing their business in Dubai, so huge number of people travel to these states daily.

• Dubai airport deals with hundreds of flights round the clock and Emirate airline earn huge revenue by operating their flights on different international routes.

• Huge number of satisfied customers likes Emirates airline.

• Customers prefer Emirates airline due to their on the ground and in the air facilities.

• Emirates Airline has strong and efficient work force, which exceeds to 50,000 employees.

• Emirates airline operates international flights in about 72 countries, which are present in 6 continents.


• Emirates airline rely heavily on onward moving traffic on the international level.

• Emirates airline has to face intense and strong competition with its rival airlines, which means it has limited market share growth.

• On maintaining the bench mark standard, high cost is incurred.


• Emirates airline should introduce brand new airplane in its fleet.

• The quality of the services should be enhanced.

• Look for new and emerging markets to earn more and more revenue by operating flights on the international routes.

• Emirates airline should do the leverage of the fleet of the airplanes.

• Emirates airline should take steps to improve the confidence of the customers in the airline.

• Various new industrial zones are introduced in different countries and business activities are on the higher side, so Emirates airline should work to check the traveling of the passengers and start their flights.


• Various other international flights are operating their flights in Middle East, which are great threat for this airline.

• Increase in cost of fuel can be great threat as the airline has to enhance the rate of their tickets.

• There are consistent changes in the government policies and regulations, which can hinder their operations.

• Emirates Airline is considered one of the top leading and well-reputed airlines of the world, which are providing top class services to their passengers on the ground and in the air.


Emirates Airline is well-known for its services and the passengers feel home while traveling in this airline. The quality of the service structure and the well trained staff is the main quality of this airline and it operates its all flights on the domestic and international destinations regularly and punctually. Most of the passengers like to travel in this airline and they give preference to Emirates airline than other airlines especially, when they have to travel on the long distances. The airline has to maintain its standard and keep the rate of the fare less or affordable than other airlines, so that it can fetch more and more passengers in their airlines.