Nokia is a multinational organization based on Finland and is the largest mobile phone manufacturer.


The first part include Nokia’s strengths, which are:

  • The key strength of Nokia is its brand equity. Several customers select and prefer Nokia over other brands as of their creativity, durability and reliability of their cell phones.
  • Majority of employees are technically competent and worked as a team with Microsoft’s experts, under the acquisition deal.
  • Nokia phones have greater value if the customer’s wants to resale as compared to other competing brands.
  • Most of Nokia’s phones are user-friendly and mostly coupled with a number of handy accessories.
  • Nokia products are accessible and are available in broad price ranges.
  • The biggest mobile phone producer across the globe.
  • Nokia has a diverse workforce and efficient.
  • Nokia is dominating the mobile market across the world, in the smartphone industry as well.


In this part, weaknesses of Nokia are discussed:

  • Few of products of Nokia are unaffordable for lower and even to middle-class customers that often has a negative effect on their searches.
  • Though, Nokia received criticism for bad services after sales.
  • Nokia, the cell phone company has made relatively lower revenues because of a decrease in sales figures because of severe competition. The profits of Nokia have dropped by 7 percent in the year 2014.
  • There are falls in the development of Nokia with its range of Lumia Windows Smartphones due to continuous rivalry faced from iOS and Android.
  • Nokia took a long time to penetrate the booming and highly productive market of Smartphones. Consequently, Nokia loses big market share and faced losses.
  • Nokia products are incomprehensible and priced much higher in comparison to Chinese phones.
  • Moreover, in 2008, the company publicized that it closed its distribution of mobile handsets, as well as cancelled E71 distribution.


Subsequent to discussion strengths and weaknesses of Nokia, now we will discuss external factor:

  • Opportunities for expansion the product range and their costs. In addition, Nokia brings new applications and features in iOS and Windows.
  • The deal between Nokia and Microsoft is a beneficial one for both firms. This deal has an excellent opportunity if Microsoft and Nokia utilize resources in an appropriate manner.
  • Aesthetics, stylish and fashionable of the cell phones drive new market and there is a sufficient demand of customers for fashion cell phones by the year 2010.
  • The mobile phone market of Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing across the world.


The last part include threats faced by Nokia, some of them are as follows:

  • Threat of low-cost by Chinese mobile phones and others emerge as a big issue.
  • Severe competition from Apple, Samsung, and other firms will make it difficult for Nokia to expand and sustain their share in the market.


Thus, after above analysis of SWOT, it can be apparent that Nokia is facing hard time in the marketplace because of a number of aspects. On the other hand, Nokia and Microsoft personnel worked together; thus, can be asserted that most of these issues may be overcome if Nokia uses, plans and strategizes its resources in an appropriate manner