Pizza Hut is a chain of American restaurants which specialize in Pizzas, Pasta, and a few other side dishes. It is one of the best fast food chains in the world. It was founded in 1958. People know them because of their Pizzas all over the world. The Pizza Hut targets all age groups and all kinds of people. They have pizzas at low prices and very high priced pizzas also. It is true that it is one of the best brands of Pizzas in the world, but the competition is tough. With more and more pizza chains and restaurants opening around the world that offer low-cost pizzas, the competition becomes fierce. But there are several opportunities too, which the company can take advantage.



• The biggest strength of Pizza Hut is its name. It has been around for more than 50 years now and is a well-known brand. People have a positive perception of the brand which is their strength

• Great taste of Pizzas.

• The strength of Pizza Hut is their range of Pizzas. They serve almost every type of pizza in their restaurants. People, who want to try new pizzas, go to Pizza Hut.

• The restaurants are Hygienic.

• The service is excellent.


The Pizza Hut can use these strengths to gain more customers all over the world. The company can use the brand name to catch the customers as they trust the brand. With a wide range of pizzas as their strength, they have a chance to gain more customers where they open new restaurants. People like to visit the places which are neat and clean. It is one of their biggest strengths. Marketing the hygiene can help Pizza Hut gain more customers.


• The high cost is a weakness. Many people do not choose the restaurant because of high price pizzas.

• Another weakness is that there is a lot of tax on pizzas and other desserts. People like to eat low-cost pizzas and with less general sales tax.


The Pizza Hut needs to overcome these weaknesses and start introducing low-cost pizzas with fewer GST. If the company does not overcome these weaknesses, especially the price factor, they will start losing the customers.


• The opportunities are galore. The Pizza Hut has an opportunity to discover new pizzas and flavors from all over the world.

• Pizza Hut can introduce new deals which are low cost and provide more meals at a low cost.

• Free home delivery is another opportunity which the pizza hut can take to gain the loyalty of customers.

• Opportunity to market everywhere in the world in every country based on the brand name.


With so many opportunities the Pizza Hut has a high potential and a good future. If the company does not take these opportunities, the customers will move away and start eating at other pizza restaurants.


• The Pizza Hut has many competitors. Today Mac Donald’s, Dominos, KFC, Taco Bell, and many other local pizza makers in every country offer pizzas at a very low rate. The competition is the greatest threat to Pizza Hut.

• Low-cost pizzas offered by other brands.


To beat the competition, Pizza Hut has to rely on its strengths, overcome the weaknesses and take advantage of the opportunities. It is the only way the treat will have no effect. The Pizza Hut needs to market more. Without proper marketing using social media or other means, the company will lack behind.